What is a VPS

What is a VPS

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A virtual private server is an isolated, virtualized server that the user perceives to be a physical server, even though it is a physical computer running multiple operating systems.

About a VPS

VPS hosting is virtual – you share the resources of one physical machine.  Virtualization technology (We use KVM virtualization technology) is when one powerful server is used and divided into many virtual servers.

How a VPS works

Many companies offer virtual private server hosting or virtual dedicated server hosting as an extension for web hosting services. This is because you get dedicated resources applied to your server, rather than sharing resources as in shared web hosting. You also have security on your VPS in that you can log in and manage your server as required.  Your “virtual server” is also isolated from other user’s servers, so an issue affecting one Virtual Server does not affect the others.

Each virtual server can have its own operating system, independent of the “base” physical server.  We have multiple types of Linux and Windows virtual servers available.  We also provide managed servers for your convenience.

New virtual servers typically do not have any software installed.  Many users like to install (Or have installed) cpanel – a server management tool – that will install all the components needed to create and manage your websites.

Advantages of VPS hosting

VPS hosting is a balance of website performance and server privacy. Some of the benefits you will get by using VPS Servers are;

  • [dt_sc_fontawesome icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”#08c43c”] Shared cost of services
  • [dt_sc_fontawesome icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”#08c43c”] Quick server setup
  • [dt_sc_fontawesome icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”#08c43c”] Better server access with more control
  • [dt_sc_fontawesome icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”#08c43c”] Private environment in which VPS server works
  • [dt_sc_fontawesome icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”#08c43c”] Similar level of services as with a dedicated server

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